Lust in the Dark

This is a story I wrote on Graveyard 1984 Blog. Unfortunately, with all the sex Gifs I used, that blog and this blog were purged. But that’s old news. What isn’t old news is that while I lost every last bit of my material, I’ve decided to rewrite one of my stories: Lust in the Dark. It’ll have Karen, Mike and Brent, but I’m not sure if it’ll be a one-and-done or an on-going series. An on-going series, at some point, has to have an end. And while I can see that end, I lose steam…quickly. This story has a different time, place and setting. You can also read it on my other erotic blog, Dose of Sex. Pretty soon, I will be fully transitioning over to that one. I hope you enjoy.

Graveyard Night

Karen pulled down the zipper of the tent quickly and stuck out her head. With her thighs squeezed together, she looked around to see if anyone was awake. She stepped out of the tent, zipped it up and started to run for the brush, when she remembered that she wasn’t wearing panties.

She pivoted on her right foot, slipped on the wet grass and fell to her hands and knees. Urine trickled from her sex and she had to chuckle. In the midst of a dozen tents in the middle of a national park, she was down on all fours, naked except for a tank top. Just a few feet from her, the campfire had reduced itself to glowing embers. Beyond that were the tents scattered about the clearing.

Each turn of her head or twist of her neck brought a dull ache to her temples. Why had she drank so much? One object became two, became three, became four. Karen groaned in frustration and climbed to her feet. Staggering to the brush, she hid behind a tree and let her bladder go.

She breathed a sigh of relief, but after fifteen seconds or more of pissing, her thigh muscles started to ache and throb. That was the downside to drinking. Liquor took nutrients and water from the muscle, and the muscle lost its endurance. Karen finished her stream and peaked out from behind the tree.

No soul in sight.

At a brisk walk, careful to focus on a single tent, she zipped open the door, and dove in. Fumbling in the dark for cleansing wipes, Karen let out a groan of disappointment when she couldn’t find them. Her hand finally settled on a small piece of fabric and she cleaned herself with it.

Mike wouldn’t care, would he? After all, there wasn’t anything on his boxers that hadn’t been on his tongue. Well, maybe except for his cum. Her eyes had somewhat adjusted to the dark and she saw the silhouette of him sleeping on his right side. Lifting the covers, his bare ass stared back at her.

Gears and wheels started turning in her belly. Something felt naughty about this. What was it? Sex had been so quick, she had hardly any time to strip down before Mike was on top of her and inside her. Karen pulled the tank top over her head and slid under the blanket.

Mike moaned softly and shifted subconsciously in his sleep at the feeling of her cool flesh. As her head rested on the pillow and her eyes closed, her mind ran in circles. Something definitely felt naughty! What was it?!

They had taken a camping trip with a dozen couples in their workout group. Was it the act of having sex with others in such close proximity? Mike had tried desperately to get her to moan as loud as she did at home. And in his haste, he blew his load too soon. Karen had to admit that laying naked in a tent, an act that wasn’t easily done with kids around, was not only a turn on, but had lewd appeal to it.

Forcing the trepidation to the back of her mind, her hand drifted down his torso, and soon fell upon his extremely hard root. Grasping it firmly, she began stroking it. Using pre-cum to lubricate the head, she rubbed the palm of her hand on it in a twisting motion. Karen smiled when he moaned and stretched his muscles. Once you had kids, getting woke up to sexual stimulation was rare, too.

She rolled him over to his back, and for a brief moment, she thought about sucking him. However, she had failed-or, Mike failed rather-to give her an orgasm. Karen mounted him and positioned him at her moist entrance. With her eyes closed, her mouth hung open as she slid down his shaft.

Oh, my god! He feels so much bigger! Karen thought, finally coming to rest at the base. Placing her hands on his chest, she soon found a rhythm and her hips were undulating on his cock like a wave.

He had awakened and was returning her thrusts and was penetrating deeper. Keep it quiet, Karen, she told herself when her pussy closed around him. If getting drunk meant magnification of her husband’s size, then she was going to get drunk more often. Her pussy felt stretched beyond its limits. Karen’s voluptuous chest was bouncing and swinging in concert to each and every thrust.

This didn’t escape his notice for long. Karen held his head to her chest as he bit and sucked her nipples. She came to rest on his lap; beads of sweat ran from her pores and her black hair clung to her wet skin.

“Oh, god, honey, you feel so damn good!” she whimpered, grinding her hips.

“So do you, baby!” a strange voice came out of the darkness. He was laying wet kisses upon her breasts. Karen’s eyes flew open and she flung herself from his body.

“Who are you?” she asked too terrified to speak above a whisper. The light of a lantern stabbed at her eyes like a thousand needles. “Brent?!”

“Karen?! What-”

“Oh, my god!” Karen said, unbelieving what just happened. Her breasts were still wet with his saliva and her tank top clung to her skin. “Oh, my God! What did I just do?!” She looked about the tent as if looking to put on a pair of underwear or shorts.

“Well, we were having sex!” a dumbfounded Brent sat staring at her curvy body. His wet cock was still fully erect.

“You want to turn that light off, jackass?!” Karen snapped. Brent quickly doused the light. She sat up against the wall of the tent, her legs together and her knees pulled up to her chest. She was drunk, right? This couldn’t be considered adultery, could it? “Why did you let me do that?”

“Me? Why are you putting this off on me? You’re the one in my tent and too drunk off her ass to know any better! I thought I was having a wet dream or something!”

Karen lowered her forehead to her knees. He was right. It was wrong to put the blame off on him. He was an innocent bystander, of sorts. As she sat quietly in the dark, the thing that confounded her the most, was that her pussy was still twitching, as if calling out for more.

“I don’t know how I’m gonna tell Mike,” she said, finally lifting her head and staring at Brent. “For the life of me, I don’t know how I’m gonna tell him.”

“You don’t tell him. What happened here is none of his business.”

“‘None of his business?'” Karen scoffed at the notion. “How can none of this be any of his business? I’m his wife!” she shot back. Karen had to steady her breathing. She close to coming unglued on him.

“And I’m Cassandra’s fiancee. But you’re not gonna catch me running back and telling her. Is your drunk worn off yet?”

Karen sat quiet a moment. Although it had, there was still the dull ache and the whoozy feeling whenever she turned her head. “A little.”

“Good! Because I’m going to put things in perspective for you!” he said scooting closer to her. “You’re a news reporter, right? Okay. Do you get great enjoyment out of reporting on who got murdered, who got raped, which politician got caught with his dick in his hands, and traffic jams?”

“Gets kind of boring, actually.”

“Exactly. People know that there are deeper truths to be told, but people don’t ask because they know deep down that if they knew, there would be a nationwide riot. I’ve been in the military. I know! I’ve seen and heard shit that’ll make your head spin. But it’s none of the American people’s business.

Just like none of this is Mike’s business. But you go ahead, Karen! Go ahead and tell Mike that we had sex and see what happens. He will want to fight me and I won’t be held reponsible for what I do to him.”

Karen felt her resolve eroding by the second. Brent’s face was less than a foot from hers and his expression wasn’t all too kind.

“I’ll, um, I won’t tell him,” she said quietly sliding passed him.

“Where are you going?”


“What about my orgasm, Karen?”

She looked down at the hard root between his legs. It was still impossible to believe that it had been inside of her, giving her pleasure. Before, she could have considered what she did an honest mistake. However, could the same be said once ignorance was longer an issue?

Once he saw her hesitation, Brent knew he had her. Taking her by the arm, he led her to his bed and pulled her tank top off. He was gentle with her as he resumed laying wet kisses on her breasts and biting and sucking her nipples. Karen, however, was hesitant to hold him. When he went to kiss her, she suddenly turned her head.

He smiled at this simple gesture of defiance. Grabbing her jaw, he turned head back around and covered her mouth with his. Eventually, she succumbed to the pressure and returned his kiss. Her hands laid delicately on his thick biceps as he followed her to the ground and came to rest between her legs. Karen reached down and taking hold of his cock, pointed him to her sex.

Brent was kissing her neck when he went into her. In the middle of the wilderness, their bodies slowly came together. She tried desperately to focus on the sounds of the crickets and wild animals, but all she could hear was his heavy breathing and her soft moans and sighs of ecstasy. In one of the other tents, an intoxicated Mike was snoring the night away.

“Oh, god! Mike, please, forgive me!” Karen whimpered when the first series of orgasms commenced. She wrapped her arms and legs around Brent and held on when he quickened his stride.

Several minutes later, Karen was pulling her tank top over her head and breasts. Hopefully, for the last time that night. Sex with Brent had been pleasing, but that didn’t stop her from feeling wretched. He had used an old, dirty shirt to clean his cum from her belly. Before leaving his tent, she looked back at him; he was sprawled out in the middle, passed out, and his sodden cock laid upon his left thigh.

Her drunk was mostly gone and that was reassuring. From the way she felt, maybe a hangover wouldn’t come. She found her tent and stepped quietly in. Karen took a sigh of relief when she saw Mike laying there, sawing logs. Never could he know that she had kissed another man, laid naked with another man, and felt pleasure from another man.

Putting on a pair panties and shorts, she laid with her back to her husband, and curled into a fetal position. Karen didn’t feel worthy to touch him. Mike was like a golden altar and it felt almost profane to touch a single hair of his head.

She wept bitter tears and she fell asleep hoping no one had heard her.

The Son’s Friend

Well, hello, friends! It’s been about a day, but I got my blog back. Unfortunately, I lost everything on this blog and my other one. I wrote this one on the fly this morning. I hope you enjoy it!

As always,

Graveyard Night

Emily looked herself over in the mirror. It had been three months since her divorce was final. Her friends said it would be great; that she would find a new lease on life. However, she found that to be a lie.

She cried too much, slept too much and ate too much. Emily hadn’t exercised in three months and she had gained ten pounds. Wrapping her hair in the towel, she took an extra towel and wiped between her legs. There was a strong, tingling sensation and her knees nearly buckled.

Oh, yeah! And she was horny as hell!

It wasn’t just the sex that she missed, it was having a man to hold onto, to wrap her legs around. Sighing, she wrapped the towel around her, and stepped out into the hall. She tried the bars and dating sites, but nothing worked. Emily had begun to wonder if she was ever going to find someone new. Or, at the very least, someone to fuck.

She was standing in the kitchen, sorting through the mail, when she heard a high-pitched whistle behind her. Turning, she saw her son’s best friend, standing in the doorway to the guest bedroom.

“Graham, what are you doing?!”

“Enjoying the view!” he said, leaning to one side and looking at the backs of her legs. Emily felt the backs of her thighs. She had absentmindedly grabbed a smaller towel and the bottom of her ass cheeks were showing.

“Oh, my God!” she cried, eyeing the healthy erection he was sporting through his boxers.

“Oh, yes!” Graham said, advancing on her. He reached for the towel twisted together between her breasts.

“No, no! You’re my son’s friend…and I’ve never had sex with a black man!” Emily whimpered, while offering little resistance.

“There’s a first time for everything!” he said, staring at her lasciviously and tossing her towel to the side. Emily held onto the edge of the table as Graham sucked her nipples into his mouth. She felt her clit swelling and pussy juices were running down her legs.

“Please, Graham…no!” she whined as he lifted her onto the table. He had spread her legs and was kissing down her belly. She looked down and realized that she hadn’t shaved in quite a while. That was certain to be a turn off for him; he would see the hair and decide to he didn’t want a broad that had a hairy pussy.

“I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time!” Graham said. Emily moaned loudly and fell back onto the table when his tongue ran up and down her moist slit. Looking down, she watched as he focused attention on her throbbing clit. It had been only a matter of minutes and she was ready for his cock!

“Put it inside me! Put your cock inside me!” she pleaded. Graham waited a little while longer. Her clit was caught between his teeth, and her pussy was squeezing his fingers. “Oh, dear god!” she cried when he had pulled down his shorts and was standing between her legs. Laying upon her pussy was the thickest, longest and heaviest cock she had ever laid eyes on.

“Oh, yeah!” he said, teasing her by running his shaft between her lips. Emily held onto the edge of the table; breathing heavily, she waited in anticipation for him to couple with her. Reaching down, she took hold of his shaft, and positioned him at her entrance.

Her eyes went wide and her jaw dropped open as he entered her. His cock was immense and was filling a void that hadn’t been filled in a long time. She looked up at her son’s best friend and found his smile comforting. He knew of the torture she had been through and wanted to give her something good in her life. His hands held the backs of her thighs and he had her legs pushed up as far as they would go.

Emily watched his abs flex with each passing stroke. Her pussy was on the verge of a major orgasm and she mostly whimpered. She kept checking down the hall for her son. He was home from college and this would not be a good welcome home.

“Yes! Oh, yes! Fuck me!” Emily’s back arched as her pussy welcomed its new mate. “Oh, yes! That feels so fucking good!” she growled. Sitting up on her elbows, she watched as his magic phallus disappeared inside of her. Never before had a man, let alone her ex husband, got her to cum this quick. She was bemused to find that only about three-quarters of his cock was inside of her. “Put it all inside me! I want it all!”

She fell back onto the table, her head hitting hard when she felt the discomfort of the head pounding her cervix. Graham was a passionate lover of women. Many women he fucked during his first year of college had never felt the sultry sensations of black cock. He watched as she twisted her body in pleasure and her average sized tits bounced; their bodies came together with a loud, salacious slap.

Emily had forgot to keep an eye out for the hallway. It would be embarrassing for her son to see her naked and fucking his friend, but she was a woman craving the feeling of a man. She was a woman in her mid-thirties who had brought him to life out of wedlock. What was it to him who she had sex with? Graham’s cock had become more rigid and was penetrating deeper.

Maybe her son had heard the slapping of flesh and vicious cries and he elected to stay in his room until they were done.

“Where do you want me to cum?”

“Inside me!” Emily cried. She was mewling like a cat in heat. “Cum inside me! I haven’t felt a man cum in a long time!” Graham let out a primal cry as he emptied his seed deep inside of her. “Holy shit!” Emily pulled Graham down for a kiss. His phallus was slowly losing size. She wrapped her legs around his waist and held him in. Never before had her pussy felt so full.

Moments later, she sat on the back porch, dressed in a robe, her right leg crossed over her left, and smoking a cigarette. She watched through the sliding glass door as her son and his friend were playing a video game. It sounded like WWIII. Her pussy was still twitching. Dialing a friend, she waited for her to pick up.

“Hey, Melanie!” Emily said with a perky tone. “Are you still leading the plyometric class?”

“Yeah. You sound happy! Did you get laid?”

“Yes, I did. I’ll tell you about it later! When is the class today?”

“In an hour.”

“Alright! I will be there!” Stubbing out her half-smoked cigarette, she stood to go back in the house. Graham’s cum was still leaking from her.

It was an excellent thing he would be here all summer long!