A Cuckold’s Mind

Does the idea of your wife having sex with another man intrigue you?  Have you spent countless hours watching cuckold porn and tried putting yourself in the shoes of the hubby?  Have you brought up the issue to your wife about her possibly sleeping with other men, only to be met with rejection?  

Here’s something you may have done.  Have you posted ads on Craig’s List or other sites, looking for men to fuck your wife, and back out at the last second?  Maybe you have made plans, rented a hotel room, with hardly any intention of follow through.  

What’s your hold-up?  Does your wife not know you have been doing these things?  Perhaps she does and that cuckold angst holds you back.  The insatiable desire to see and hear another man fucking your wife, is almost unbearable.  However, in the end, you know you will struggle with feelings of guilt and remorse.  

It could be that you cannot fathom your wife forfeiting her body to suit your lewd desires.  Perhaps you suffer from an insecurity of some kind-a fear that your wife will seek cock elsewhere.  So you set up a circumstance where she does, and that gives you an erotic high.

Like the husband filming this video, the cuckold should remain silent while his wife is getting fucked!

Have any of my questions touched a tender spot in you?
I plan on using this blog as a platform to chronicle my life as a cuckold husband for the last six months.  It is my hope to engage in conversation about cuckolding.  And maybe answer some wannabes questions.

Cuckolding is on the rise and is becoming less taboo.  If it wasn’t, then why did GQ devote an article on the subject? 




  1. rolouk · January 31

    I became a cuckold when my wife became friends with a new badminton club member

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  2. rolouk · February 1

    Exiting and sensual. I dont know about kinky

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  3. rolouk · March 23

    Very exiting when friendship started to become a little more


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