Cuckolds Should Be Silent

As I said in my post yesterday, cuckolds-once the bull has commenced in fucking his wife-should remain silent.  Nothing annoys me more than to find a good video on the Internet of an attractive hotwife taking a nice cock-she’s moaning and screaming-and all of a sudden, you here her stupid husband break in and ask how it feels.

Now, here is a wife that doesn’t have to bother with the hassle of her husband talking as she thoroughly enjoys her cock!

Is it not obvious, jackass?!  Can you not get the hint from the way she is clawing at his back and finding it difficult to breathe, let alone talk?
In the times when I have sat in on my wife and her lover fucking, I have never said a word.  Even when I come home at night and find them in my bed, caught up in the throes of passion-I have never said a word.  I turn around and walk out the room, and await my call for sloppy seconds.

See what I mean?

My wife’s lover is about that size.  Which is one of the many reasons why she and I both enjoy the fact that he fucks her on a regular basis.

Look at the cream!


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