I Have To Be Honest

I feel it incumbent upon myself to honest wit you folks.  I am full of shit.  I am not a cuckold.

Despite the fact that I have talked to men online, post CL ads and watched an abundant amount of cuckold porn, I have yet to break that barrier in letting some other man fuck my wife.  Aside from my assertions that I am in my previous posts, everything else I said is true.  

I do think that cuckolds should be silent.  And I do believe that whether or not the Bull wears a condom and where he cums is up to the wife.

What started out as a blog to better serve my alter-ego, blew up in my face, in a way.  Had I known that changing my username on this blog would change it on it’s brother blog, I wouldn’t have done it.  So, yes.  Through means of deception, I intended to portray myself as someone that I am not, living a life that I am not.

You see, sex to me doesn’t matter.  I am sure that in a stable, loving relationship, it can be a beautiful thing.  However, when you are the walking wounded, it serves as a reminder of something that you do not have.  This infuriates my wife to no end.  But she created this monster.

There is a wall in my mind that keeps me from enjoying sex that I cannot tear down.  And so, if there should ever be a night when I go home from work, and there is a man sitting on my couch and my wife informs me that he is going to fuck, I wouldn’t care.

Not long ago, I posted an ad on CL rants and raves, asking men’s advice on how to get one’s wife to sleep with other men.  I spent a few days talking to a man and once he sent me a pic of himself, I knew that I was out of my league.  He was black, married, and built like a fortress.  I had to be honest with him and tell him that he was too good looking to fuck a woman like my wife.

I have seen that woman sit and clear out a small container of ice cream in a day, and then complain about a weight problem.  She is jealous that I have lost weight and built muscle, but what am I suppose to do?

In short, I cannot see how another man would want to fuck an overweight, lazy, unambitious, insecure woman with ganky teeth.

So, there it is.  The truth.  Let me have it if you want.



  1. Michael · February 2

    Hey brother, no sweat on the other blog. We write to release and explore what dwells within us. There are plenty of people doing this on WP already. I think we have a different take on cuckolding. It seems that most couples that actually experience cuckolding (as an erotic kink) explore it as way to please one another and adds a sexual charge to relationship. The experience is hot for the couple and is ultimately about their relationship. Sounds like you are in a tough situation though. You want to experience cuckolding but your wife isn’t the kind of lover with the capacity to make it a reality. In that case, since it seems you intend to remain married, there is nothing wrong with tending to your fantasy in whatever fashion you see fit. Who are we to judge? Have fun my brother, we only pass through life once.

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  2. Livia Flair · May 7

    I really applaud your honesty about how you feel. Its sad that you have to go through such an intense time with a woman who is connected with your needs.

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