Small Sex Stories

The following is a series of small sex stories that I wrote on my Tumblr account.  I hope you enjoy them!  There will be more to cum!


You didn’t think she took you serious when you told her that your fantasy was coming home and finding her in bed with another man, did you? She giggled and blushed and called you a pervert. Later that night, after the greatest sex you’ve ever had in your life, you asked her what she thought of your fantasy.

“It’s intriguing,” she said.

“Do you have someone in mind?”

“Maybe,” she giggled, and went off to get an after-sex snack. A few weeks went by before you came home to the creaking of the day bed in the guest room. You smiled to yourself, wondering what type of man she had found to fuck her. You stripped down to nothing and walked to the bedroom stroking your cock.

You thought you were prepared to see your wife taking another cock. But you weren’t prepared for it to be your brother!

Wife’s Workout

When your wife finally found hee ambition to exercise, you were ecstatic! Finally, she had found something she enjoyed doing besides cleaning the house and taking care of kids. Well, who really cares to spend all day locked up in the house?

But after a few months, you noticed that your wife was exercising at the gym nearly every single day. Even though she was losing weight and toning muscle, she couldn’t really tell you what exercises she did.

So, one day you followed her. Not to the gym, but to a house on the outskirts of town. Slipping in through a window, you found your getting fucked by another woman.

Evidently, she found her favorite workout!

Keep It In the Family

You just loved the way your wife sucked your cock! The schoolgirl outfit just enhanced everything. You were close to buating your nut in her mouth when she said, “cum on my tits, Greg!” Your name is Steve.

Furious, you stood up and yelled, “what the fuck have you been doing with your step-brother?”

Better Than “You’re Fired!”

Your boss begins to sweat. Your wife moans even louder. But this is your fault, isn’t it? After all, you fucked up the account. So, to keep your job, you allow your boss to fuck your wife. He’s a multi-cummer and he sends a second, healthy batch of cum inside of your wife. “You need to fuck up more often,” she says.


As you finished watching your husband fucking his ex wife on the webcam, you were left with a feeling of dread. He was more than 800 miles away, and he wouldn’t be home for another week. Who knew how many times he would cum inside her.

Backyard Cuckold

Maybe it was the fact that your wife looked so damn sexy in that skimpy bikini. Perhaps it was the fact that an old Army buddy had come by that you hadn’t seen in years. But when she asked you to go to the liquor store to get some more beer, you didn’t even have a seconds thought that an entire, unopened case sat just inside the kitchen. But when you came home, you found your friend fucking your wife. And despite hearing the beer bottles shatter on the patio, they didn’t stop.


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