Tits for Sale

Kristine walked out of the bar and listened to the click of her heels on the pavement.  They served as a constant reminder of dreams long forgotten.  Dreams of being a ball-busting, big city attorney.  But a boyfriend, eventual husband and kids got in the way.

Life interrupted, you might say.

Her car was in the back corner of the parking lot.  One of the few remaining.  A cool midnight’s breeze swept across the parking lot and brushed her skin; turning her flesh into a topographical map.

The bartending lifestyle wasn’t exactly what Kristine had seen in her dreams as a child, but did dreams really come true?  In failing to reach the pinnacle of her success, she had settled for a satisfactory, though quaint, lifestyle.  If her husband wasn’t happy about the bartending gig, then he really wasn’t happy with the skimpy outfits she wore to work once she had her breast implant surgery.

After a couple of kids, her breasts looked like a couple of wet socks with tennis balls in them.  However, once her incisions had faded to distant scars and her surgeon gave her a clean bill of health, Harry found that a wife with D-cup tits was actually quite pleasing.  Moreover, the lucrative tips she made night-after-night helped supplement his income, and she was able to afford that Camaro.

Sliding into the driver’s seat, she watched the lights flicker out.  Something her boss had told her months after her surgery recalled to her mind: you know, in the bartending business, you either get rich or burn out!  Mostly its the second!

Thank God for nursing school,” she said as she inserted the key into the ignition.

“Hello, Kristine,” came the deep voice from the backseat.  She shrieked in terror and as she spun around, her left elbow hit the horn.  A couple of kitchen workers leaving the bar looked her way, but kept on walking.

In her backseat was a dark skinned man.  His pale blue eyes felt cold as ice.  The man simply cocked his head to the side and merely smiled at her.

“W-who are you?” she cried.  He took a moment to respond, allowing time for the silence to sink in.

“You know, I’m a little hurt, Kristine, that you never got back with me after the surgery,” he said.  Kristine’s mind suddenly went down a wormhole to memories long forgotten.  “When you created that page on Go Fund Me, imploring someone to pay for your breast implants, I recall our deal was that you send me pics of the healing process.  And after a certain amount of time, once we got to know one another, we would meet and I would be allowed to play with them.  Well, maybe allowed is too loose of a term.  It is my right to play with them.  After all, they are mostly mine!”

“I am terribly sorry,” she stammered for her words.  “I just got so busy and everything and I-” The man cut her off by holding up his hand.

“Save me the excuses, please!” The night air kissed the sweat on her skin and she reached for the handle.  “I wouldn’t do that if I were you!” he said, bringing his hand up to rest on the back of her seat.  Sharp steel was pointed at her.  “Now, if I were a betting man, which I am, and given the fact that the name you used on your account was an alias, I would be willing to guess that dear sweet Harry doesn’t know anything about this, does he?”

Kristine shook her head.

“I figured that.  Which is why I am giving you the chance to make good on your end of the deal.  Either you give me those back or you…well, you can guess, can’t you?”

Kristine felt a knot rising in her throat.  Something told her he was wanting a little more than just tit play and nipple sucking!

To be continued…


Small Sex Stories

The following is a series of small sex stories that I wrote on my Tumblr account.  I hope you enjoy them!  There will be more to cum!


You didn’t think she took you serious when you told her that your fantasy was coming home and finding her in bed with another man, did you? She giggled and blushed and called you a pervert. Later that night, after the greatest sex you’ve ever had in your life, you asked her what she thought of your fantasy.

“It’s intriguing,” she said.

“Do you have someone in mind?”

“Maybe,” she giggled, and went off to get an after-sex snack. A few weeks went by before you came home to the creaking of the day bed in the guest room. You smiled to yourself, wondering what type of man she had found to fuck her. You stripped down to nothing and walked to the bedroom stroking your cock.

You thought you were prepared to see your wife taking another cock. But you weren’t prepared for it to be your brother!

Wife’s Workout

When your wife finally found hee ambition to exercise, you were ecstatic! Finally, she had found something she enjoyed doing besides cleaning the house and taking care of kids. Well, who really cares to spend all day locked up in the house?

But after a few months, you noticed that your wife was exercising at the gym nearly every single day. Even though she was losing weight and toning muscle, she couldn’t really tell you what exercises she did.

So, one day you followed her. Not to the gym, but to a house on the outskirts of town. Slipping in through a window, you found your getting fucked by another woman.

Evidently, she found her favorite workout!

Keep It In the Family

You just loved the way your wife sucked your cock! The schoolgirl outfit just enhanced everything. You were close to buating your nut in her mouth when she said, “cum on my tits, Greg!” Your name is Steve.

Furious, you stood up and yelled, “what the fuck have you been doing with your step-brother?”

Better Than “You’re Fired!”

Your boss begins to sweat. Your wife moans even louder. But this is your fault, isn’t it? After all, you fucked up the account. So, to keep your job, you allow your boss to fuck your wife. He’s a multi-cummer and he sends a second, healthy batch of cum inside of your wife. “You need to fuck up more often,” she says.


As you finished watching your husband fucking his ex wife on the webcam, you were left with a feeling of dread. He was more than 800 miles away, and he wouldn’t be home for another week. Who knew how many times he would cum inside her.

Backyard Cuckold

Maybe it was the fact that your wife looked so damn sexy in that skimpy bikini. Perhaps it was the fact that an old Army buddy had come by that you hadn’t seen in years. But when she asked you to go to the liquor store to get some more beer, you didn’t even have a seconds thought that an entire, unopened case sat just inside the kitchen. But when you came home, you found your friend fucking your wife. And despite hearing the beer bottles shatter on the patio, they didn’t stop.

Interracial Porn

Every once in a while, a moment will come upon me, and I will binge on downloading porn.  One video becomes another and another.  A lot of the times, the ones I download are ones I watched before.  I am pretty certain that stress contributes to this.  Below are some snapshots of the videos I have downloaded and captions.

This is a short video, but the woman tells her husband that she “loves his cock!”

Then she squirts all over him!

There aren’t any other camera angles, but this bitch has a sweet sounding orgasm!

This bitch is something truly spectacular! While her hubby films, two guys are fucking her! Her orgasm and vocalizations are so strong, she actually sounds like a donkey. At one point she says, “you guys keep fucking me in every way possible!”

Now, this bitch is loud! Even with my headphones and my wife upstairs, I was afraid she would hear. The bitch gets fucked hard, bordering on looking like rape. You will see what I am talking about.

His cock falls out and she squirts!

Very dominant!

Watching the video, it looks like she tries dislodging his cock!

But he would have none of that!

Facial expressions are everything!

Thirty years ago! I wonder how they both are!

The video ain’t the greatest I have seen, but she does have a nice soft moan!

Pretty lady!

And look at the diamond ring. He went to Jared!

Well, there you have it.  Some of the porn I have looked at today.  All were interracial and all but one was cuckolding.  Call me crazy, but I do think there is something wonderful about a black cock disappearing inside a white woman!

Til we meet again, 

Graveyard Night

I Have To Be Honest

I feel it incumbent upon myself to honest wit you folks.  I am full of shit.  I am not a cuckold.

Despite the fact that I have talked to men online, post CL ads and watched an abundant amount of cuckold porn, I have yet to break that barrier in letting some other man fuck my wife.  Aside from my assertions that I am in my previous posts, everything else I said is true.  

I do think that cuckolds should be silent.  And I do believe that whether or not the Bull wears a condom and where he cums is up to the wife.

What started out as a blog to better serve my alter-ego, blew up in my face, in a way.  Had I known that changing my username on this blog would change it on it’s brother blog, I wouldn’t have done it.  So, yes.  Through means of deception, I intended to portray myself as someone that I am not, living a life that I am not.

You see, sex to me doesn’t matter.  I am sure that in a stable, loving relationship, it can be a beautiful thing.  However, when you are the walking wounded, it serves as a reminder of something that you do not have.  This infuriates my wife to no end.  But she created this monster.

There is a wall in my mind that keeps me from enjoying sex that I cannot tear down.  And so, if there should ever be a night when I go home from work, and there is a man sitting on my couch and my wife informs me that he is going to fuck, I wouldn’t care.

Not long ago, I posted an ad on CL rants and raves, asking men’s advice on how to get one’s wife to sleep with other men.  I spent a few days talking to a man and once he sent me a pic of himself, I knew that I was out of my league.  He was black, married, and built like a fortress.  I had to be honest with him and tell him that he was too good looking to fuck a woman like my wife.

I have seen that woman sit and clear out a small container of ice cream in a day, and then complain about a weight problem.  She is jealous that I have lost weight and built muscle, but what am I suppose to do?

In short, I cannot see how another man would want to fuck an overweight, lazy, unambitious, insecure woman with ganky teeth.

So, there it is.  The truth.  Let me have it if you want.

Cuckolds Should Be Silent

As I said in my post yesterday, cuckolds-once the bull has commenced in fucking his wife-should remain silent.  Nothing annoys me more than to find a good video on the Internet of an attractive hotwife taking a nice cock-she’s moaning and screaming-and all of a sudden, you here her stupid husband break in and ask how it feels.

Now, here is a wife that doesn’t have to bother with the hassle of her husband talking as she thoroughly enjoys her cock!

Is it not obvious, jackass?!  Can you not get the hint from the way she is clawing at his back and finding it difficult to breathe, let alone talk?
In the times when I have sat in on my wife and her lover fucking, I have never said a word.  Even when I come home at night and find them in my bed, caught up in the throes of passion-I have never said a word.  I turn around and walk out the room, and await my call for sloppy seconds.

See what I mean?

My wife’s lover is about that size.  Which is one of the many reasons why she and I both enjoy the fact that he fucks her on a regular basis.

Look at the cream!

A Cuckold’s Mind

Does the idea of your wife having sex with another man intrigue you?  Have you spent countless hours watching cuckold porn and tried putting yourself in the shoes of the hubby?  Have you brought up the issue to your wife about her possibly sleeping with other men, only to be met with rejection?  

Here’s something you may have done.  Have you posted ads on Craig’s List or other sites, looking for men to fuck your wife, and back out at the last second?  Maybe you have made plans, rented a hotel room, with hardly any intention of follow through.  

What’s your hold-up?  Does your wife not know you have been doing these things?  Perhaps she does and that cuckold angst holds you back.  The insatiable desire to see and hear another man fucking your wife, is almost unbearable.  However, in the end, you know you will struggle with feelings of guilt and remorse.  

It could be that you cannot fathom your wife forfeiting her body to suit your lewd desires.  Perhaps you suffer from an insecurity of some kind-a fear that your wife will seek cock elsewhere.  So you set up a circumstance where she does, and that gives you an erotic high.

Like the husband filming this video, the cuckold should remain silent while his wife is getting fucked!

Have any of my questions touched a tender spot in you?
I plan on using this blog as a platform to chronicle my life as a cuckold husband for the last six months.  It is my hope to engage in conversation about cuckolding.  And maybe answer some wannabes questions.

Cuckolding is on the rise and is becoming less taboo.  If it wasn’t, then why did GQ devote an article on the subject?